Campaign Materials

Campaign Materials

We have created a variety of resources to bring the campaign to life. These are designed to support and complement your WHD activities and are free to download and use widely to boost the impact of your campaign.

Find campaign materials

Campaign materials 

Visual Identity 

The Find the Missing Millions campaign logo is the primary logo for the campaign. The logo is best used in landscape. Please note that this shouldn’t be translated into any other language than English. You can download it in JPEG and EPS here


We have created a set of posters avaliable in multiple languages that can help you spread the word about Find the Missing Millions. 

We encourage you to share these posters, using them in your media outreach and displaying them at your local events! We also encourage you to use the posters and campaign materials to help create a unified global campaign.

Customisable poster tool

Create your own customised posters with our unique poster tool. Our tool allows you to create your own custom posters - you can translate the messages into any language, insert your own messages suited to your audiences and add your organisation logo.


Our masterclasses are written by people that have experience on using WHD to raise awareness. You can read the masterclasses online and see our toolkits for more information 

Social Media Graphics

Social media platforms are a great way to spread messages widely. With 290 million still undiagnosed, we will need every possible option. As such, we have created a series of graphics which can be used across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They can also be used on your website and utilised for digital advertising. 


World Hepatitis Day offers the perfect opportunity to raise mass awareness of viral hepatitis. What better way to do this than by printing your own Find the Missing Millions t-shirts and hats. It’s very simple – download the design files here and bring them to your local merchandise manufacturer. Not only will you raise awareness but you’ll get great photographs for your website and social media channels.


Our World Hepatitis Day film has been made to raise awareness of viral hepatitis. This short film can be used as part of your events, on social media and when working with the media. The film is available in multiple languages below, as well as without a voiceover so that you can record on in your language. Download the film here, and get instructions for recording your own voiceover here.