Wall of stories

Wall of stories

Together our stories can change the way the world sees viral hepatitis. The stories of those living with or impacted by viral hepatitis can help educate and raise awareness, provide support and inspiration, tackle stigma and discrimination, and highlight the true impact of this global disease.

We welcome stories from every corner of the globe and from all those impacted by viral hepatitis; from patients to family members, medical professionals and policy makers - everyone has a story to tell! While we particularly encourage people who are living with, or have lived with, viral hepatitis to share their stories, viral hepatitis has a unique experience of each of our lives so we want to hear from you! Find out below how you can share your story. 

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Do you know what Stockholm syndrome is? The virus dictated and I listened.

Ivana Dragojevic

The person who discriminated me first was myself.

George Kalamitsis

Greece Hellenic Liver Patients Association Prometheus
The immediate reaction was anger and fear.

Ammal Metwally

Egypt Association of Liver Patients’ Care (ALPC)
I remember being told I had failed treatment. I didn't fail anything. Treatment failed me.

Raquel Peck

United Kingdom World Hepatitis Alliance
There is a liberating aspect about being open about one’s condition. By talking about it, there is a reduction of stigma.

Michael Ninburg

United States of America Hepatitis Education Project
The more we talk about it, the more it destigmatises it for the whole community.

Su Wang

United States of America St Barnabas Medical Center
I lost my brother to hepatitis B.

Prof R P Shanmugam

India Chennai Liver Foundation
I became the person who exercised this crime against human rights. I felt ashamed. I felt guilty.

Dee Lee

China Inno Community Development Organisation
“The shock of the death of the colleague tested me to read more”

Kenneth Kabagambe

Uganda The National Organisation for People Living with Hepatitis B
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