Working for us

Make the fight against hepatitis your career

There are not many people who can say that in their working life they have personally made steps towards the eventual elimination of a major disease. As awareness grows and the world wakes up to the threat, more jobs are being created in the field of hepatitis all the time. At the World Hepatitis Alliance, we need skilled professionals to help to co-ordinate what has become a global movement.

Current Vacancies

There are currently no vacancies available. However we are always keen to hear from talented, enthusiastic individuals who would like to join our team. To be considered for future vacancies, please send your CV to

Help make a difference to patients around the world by volunteering

Over the last decade, the World Hepatitis Alliance has made tremendous progress in raising awareness of and combatting viral hepatitis. However, the work is not finished and we still need your help in the ongoing fight. If you would like to help us in this vital work against hepatitis, you should consider volunteering with us.

What will you get out of volunteering?

The most important thing you will discover about volunteering with us is that it is extremely rewarding. Knowing that you are working towards a real and measureable improvement in the world is a great experience. Beyond this, our volunteers gain a wealth of experience and administrative skills which are invaluable in career development. Employers will look favourably on you if they see that you have chosen to volunteer – it shows great character. Of course, if you are looking to change careers into the field of global health, volunteering for us is an excellent start.