Schweizerische Hepatitis C Vereinigung (SHCV) (engl: Swiss Hepatitis C Association)


The Swiss Hepatitis C Association (SHCA) is intended


  • to provide advice, support and support for those affected by hepatitis C as well as their optimal integration into their social environment with the aim of providing them with the highest possible quality of life
  • for legal assistance from those concerned, provided that they wish to pursue their right to treatment in a juridical manner.
  • to inform the persons concerned, the authorities and the general public about all aspects of hepatitis C
  • to promote and support of regional self-help groups
  • to put pressure on the different actors in the health care system so that all people infected with the HCV virus are treated with the most effective drugs.
  • we see ourselves as a point of contact for patients, but also for authorities, health insurance, industry and other stakeholders in the topic of hepatitis C.


The Swiss Hepatitis C Association aims at a comprehensive exchange of experience as well as

interdisciplinary cooperation with other Swiss health care and self-help organizations as well as with

foreign hepatitis C companies.


Advice & information - experience based
Advice & information - medical based
Support group
World Hepatitis Day activities
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Contact details

+41 79 3391859


Goldregenweg 21
c/o Chandra Duncan