Life Saving Organization for Afghanistan (LSOA)


Healthy, Educated, Social, Peaceful, Prosperous and Clean Afghanistan. Free of hereditary blood disease (Thalassemia, Hemophilia), HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B,C & provision of primary healthcare.

LSOA has assumed to eradicate Thalassaemia from Afghanistan by motivating carrier couples for not marriage together; managing for the stoppage of birth of Thalassaemia major babies though Awareness raising regarding sided Disease, prenatal diagnosis and management of thalassaemia, providing safe blood Transfusion and iron chelating therapy only for thalassaemia patients & to provide quality health services to reduce mother and child mortality and improve nutrition. LSOA is also committed prevent spread of viral hepatitis B&C as well as HIV .

Goal of LSOA is to eradicate Thalassemia major from the most effected areas of Afghanistan (eastern zone and central provinces) and to prevent spread of Hepatitis B&C and HIV among Thalassemia and Hemophilia affected families by 2030.

The operational area of the organization shall be the Eastern provinces & central parts of Afghanistan.

1-To provide complete health facilities to the poor and destitute segment of the society.

2-To inculcate awareness among all the population at risk for screening and decreasing the birth of Thalassaemia Major Cases in the country.

3-To facilitate the social acceptability of Thalassaemia patients such that they are able to lead a normal life like any other member of the society.

4-To promote awareness and counseling services on blood transmitted and sexually transmitted diseases ( Hepatitis B,C & HIV) to the most vulnerable segment of the society.

5-To advocate, sensitize and lobby for patients friendly public policy regarding prevention, care and cure of blood diseases and reproductive health.

6-To contribute to the reduction of Child and Maternal mortality and improve children and women nutrition.

7-To support and develop replicable models and state ( Hepatitis B,C & HIV) gives for sustainable development based at the grass roots on active community participation and local resource mobilization for health related issues.

8- Orphan Care and Support.

9- To provide free education facilities.

10-To establish vocational and computer training centers

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