Hépatites Ressources


-Information sessions (conferences) - Adults and teenagers
-Support and accompaniment to people affected and infected
-Telephone support (Watts line accross Canada)
-E-mail support & correspondence
-Individual and private meetings
-Some sensibilisation activities (Distribution of boxes containing safes), flyers, posters..etc.
-Web site upgraded weekly
-Facebook upgraded daily
-Nurse service keeping track of medical evolution of patients, reference to doctors and more
-Distribution of injection material (free) and recovery of used syringes
-Accompaniment of people for 'Fibroscan' tests (100 miles away)
-Implication to different comitees or organizations in our area
-Second office open 1 day per week (about 60 miles from our H.O.)
-Accomodation in partnership with an other organism.
-Legal services for discrimination cases..etc.
-Screening service done by our nurse

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