Find the Missing Millions

Find the Missing Millions

Of the 325 million people living with viral hepatitis, up to 300 million are unaware they are living with the disease. 

The WHO Elimination Strategy calls for a major increase in diagnosis of chronic viral B and C infection; 30% by 2020 and 90% by 2030. Today, only 11% of those living with viral hepatitis are aware of their diagnosis. Without a massive scale-up in diagnosis, treatment rates will fall and infection rates will rise.

Without finding the “Missing Millions” that are yet to be diagnosed and linking them to care, all other efforts will only have marginal success. Our first step is to find them.

From 2018 – 2020, WHA will run the “Find the Missing Millions” programme which aims to help countries reach the diagnosis target they committed to. As a first step, we are working with experts and key partners from across the globe to highlight the challenges to diagnosis, the context in which they are experienced and the role people living with viral hepatitis can have in overcoming the barriers. On World Hepatitis Day 2018 we will launch a white paper providing a series of recommendations.

To support the findings, we will launch a three year advocacy and awareness campaign that aims to influence national testing policies, raise awareness, encourage people to get tested and become advocates in the journey to find the undiagnosed.



As part of the “Find the Missing Millions” programme we are carrying out a global survey on the barriers to diagnosis. Your opinion on this is of great value so we would be grateful if you could share your views by completing the survey.

It is important that we capture as many viewpoints as possible, from different stakeholders around the world, to ensure that we get a truly representative response. We would therefore kindly like to encourage you to share the survey with colleagues and wider networks. We have created resources to help spread the word, including sample social media posts and text to include on websites and newsletters, which can be found here.

The survey links are:


Please contact if you have any questions.