Acceso a tratamiento

The high price of treatment and the long delays in registration in many countries are major problems for patients worldwide. We believe we are in a new era of "global health", which means that all those in need should have access to the best drugs available within a reasonable time, no matter where they live, and that is not acceptable to many people in everyone have to wait years to access them or pay prices which obviously can not afford.

Therefore, part of our strategic plan is to work with key stakeholders working in the field to allow access to treatment. The aim is to fight for that medicines are affordable and quickly available and at the same time respecting the principle of encouragement for innovation.

Our strategy is to work to change the current system in the long term. To this end, we are currently conducting negotiations with pharmaceutical companies, international agencies and governments to explore the challenges and opportunities for change. Through these conversations, we hope to reach a consensus on a new model of drug distribution to ensure greater affordability and improved access.