World Hepatitis Day 2010

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‘This is hepatitis...’ Campaign

‘This is hepatitis…’ is the theme for the 2010 World Hepatitis Day campaign and aims to tell the global human story of what viral hepatitis actually means – communicated by the people most closely affected by the diseases.

The campaign theme is designed to tell the real-life stories of the effect that hepatitis B and C have on the lives of the 500 million people living with the diseases worldwide. The campaign theme focuses on the physical and emotional impact of viral hepatitis, but also aims to empower those living with the diseases through the sharing of inspirational stories. The World Hepatitis Alliance has launched the campaign theme to generate increased understanding and to help destigmatise two diseases that kill over one million people every year.  

The World Hepatitis Alliance is supporting the campaign theme with the launch of a new community ‘Wall’ on this website, where people can share their personal stories of hepatitis B and C.