Viral Hepatitis Resolution Published

Member states unanimously approved a new viral hepatitis resolution last month at the 67th World Health Assembly. This may seem like far away high-level policy, but it will have a significant impact on the ground. This resolution is a powerful advocacy tool: all member states have signed up to its asks, which cover vaccination, stigma, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and more. If you’re an advocacy group calling for change, be aware that your government will have signed up to do something about a whole range of viral hepatitis issues at that resolution meeting. So where do we go from here?

We’ll be working closely with the World Health Organization and governments to ensure this resolution is implemented. We’ll also be looking to civil society organisations to get familiar with the resolution and work with their own governments to achieve its aims.

Before you start using the resolution as an advocacy tool you may want to look at some of our resources including our global policy report and the up-coming civil society report on viral hepatitis. For more information on what is happening in your country or for information on how we can support you in your advocacy work, get in touch.

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