Viral Hepatitis Global Policy

Developed by the World Hepatitis Alliance in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO), 'Viral Hepatitis: Global Policy' provides, for the first time, a comprehensive analysis and overview of the policies and programmes in place for viral hepatitis across the world.

Approaches to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care for hepatitis B and hepatitis C vary significantly from country to country. This research project was initiated in 2009 in order to gather the data required to understand the work currently underway across WHO Member States and where the WHO’s assistance would be of benefit to them. The report provides global and regional level overviews of the findings followed by brief summaries of the policies and programmes in place in each of the 135 Member States that submitted information to this study.

Dr Keiji Fukuda, WHO Special Adviser to the Director-General on Pandemic Influenza, speaking at the time of the report’s launch said, “The WHO commissioned this research to provide a clearer understanding of the global viral hepatitis policy landscape. The responses reveal significant variations between countries, from those that have not yet begun to tackle viral hepatitis to those with comprehensive policies to prevent and control these diseases. What emerges is the need for a more consistent, co-ordinated approach and the desire of Members States for support from the WHO in delivering this.”

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