National Policy:

In order to help improve National Policies around the world, we created a 12 Asks tool which can be used by the public to help demand efficient national strategies from their government. We will soon be producing an online Blueprint Tool of best practices for governments, to educate and encourage successful interventions.

Furthermore, we monitor each government's action on hepatitis, including community engagement, on a regular basis through a biennial Alliance/WHO Viral Hepatitis: Global Prevention & Control report, which allows us to better negotiate for improved policies and practices. The latest such report, entitled Global Policy Report on the Prevention and Control of Viral Hepatitis in WHO Member States, is available to download here.

We have also created an interactive website to make the report easier to navigate, and to allow you to compare results of countries and download your own country's information. Visit the Global Report website.


Global Policy:

The World Hepatitis Alliance has been at the forefront of changes to global policy, from pushing for the WHO Resolution on viral hepatitis in 2010, to organising regional strategy meetings. We continue to work with global players in order to ensure viral hepatitis is pushed up the agenda, and because we are in official relations with the World Health Organization, we are privileged to have a voice at the many meetings and discussions that take place each year which aim to improve global viral hepatitis policy.