Key Messages

If you're planning a World Hepatitis Day event, make sure you use some of the official key messages for this year. These have been created to suit this year's official strapline 'Hepaittis: Think Again'. As they cover many different aspects of viral hepatitis, we hope there is one to suit any campaign, anywhere in the world. These key messages can be adapted on any of our posters when you customise your posters online.


Informed? Unaware? Viral hepatitis kills 1.5 million people worldwide each year. That's as many people as HIV/AIDS. Hepatitis: Think Again.

Informed? Unaware? Viral hepatitis is the leading cause of liver cancer. Liver cancer is the second biggest cancer killer. Hepatitis: Think Again.

Feeling fine? Are you sure? Symptoms of viral hepatitis often go unnoticed. Get tested. Hepatitis: Think Again.


Safe? At Risk? Viral hepatitis can be avoided. Know the risks. Hepatitis: Think Again.


Treated? Treatable? Viral hepatitis can be treated. Everybody deserves the chance. Hepatitis: Think Again.


Protected? Vulnerable? Viral hepatitis can be prevented. Vaccinate your children. Hepatitis: Think Again.

Protected? Vulnerable? Protect against viral hepatitis. Vaccination works. Hepatitis: Think Again.


Accepted? Refused? Stigma kills. Don't discriminate. Hepatitis: Think again.

Accepted? Refused? Viral hepatitis doesn't discriminate. Neither should you. Hepatitis: Think again.

Taking part

Team player? Spectator? Viral hepatitis can be beaten. Play your part. Hepatitis: Think again