‘12 Asks’

The World Hepatitis Alliance and patient groups around the world are asking national governments to sign up to ‘12 Asks’.

The ‘12 Asks’ are a series of requests for governments to ensure that viral hepatitis is being tackled in their country. They are also a useful, structured lobbying tool for patient groups and can be used as the basis for discussions with your government about what should be contained in a national strategy. As they reflect the 2010 World Health Assembly Resolution WHA 63.18 which all governments adopted, all governments should be willing to sign up to them.

The '12 Asks' are:

  1. Promotion of World Hepatitis Day as the focus for ongoing campaigns which are committed to increasing disease awareness, reducing stigma and promoting prevention.
  2. Appointment of an individual to lead government strategy nationally.
  3. Development of an integrated approach for screening, diagnosis, referral and treatment, using the policies, strategies and tools recommended by the World Health Organization.
  4. Commitment to increase the number of persons diagnosed with chronic hepatitis B and C infections.
  5. Commitment to reduce hepatitis-related mortality, incorporating time-bound goals.
  6. Commitment to increase surveillance and publish national statistics.
  7. Commitment to work with patient groups in policy design and implementation.
  8. Commitment to examine cases of best practice internationally in designing and implementing programmes.
  9. Provision of affordable and confidential testing.
  10. Inclusion of hepatitis B vaccine in national immunization programme, including birth dose provision.
  11. Commitment to safe healthcare, including the promotion and enabling of safe injection practices and the strengthening of the safety of blood and blood products. 
  12. Strengthening of efforts to protect, diagnose and treat migrant and vulnerable populations.

If you are a patient group engaging with government as part of the ’12 Asks’ initiative, we would like to hear about your experiences. Please contact the World Hepatitis Alliance at contact@worldhepatitisalliance.org.