HepCRedefined - tool for managing HCV

HepCRedefined.com is a tool aiming to help advocates, professionals, patients, and care givers to talk about the disease in an informative and supportive way. All the resources on the website can be shared via social media channels such as YouTube and Facebook, as well as duplicated or embedded on other web sources.

HepCRedefined offers tips and tools to facilitate discussion about HCV, including:

  • A video series for healthcare providers offering tips on support sources, clinic program highlights and patient diaries.
  • A comprehensive and interactive checklist to help patients manage considerations of being in care and getting ready for treatment.
  • A frequently asked questions section about the spread of hepatitis C.
  • A key facts page about hepatitis C mortality.
  • A page featuring multiple information cards covering a series if topics to help debunk myths surrounding hepatitis C.
  • A community “C Pledge” where healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers can take an oath to redefine the patient journey and the way hepatitis C is perceived.

You can access the new resource on your smart phone, tablet or computer by going to www.HepCRedefined.com 

The new tool was developed by Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc in close collaboration with HCV community advocates as well as healthcare practitioners who are currently treating HCV patients.