HCV Quest

HCV Quest is a global patient survey, investigating the impacts hepatitis C can have on patients’ personal and social life as well as education and work and examining patients’ experience of care.

Through HCV Quest, we are gathering data which will become a powerful tool for patient advocacy and will be used by the Alliance to challenge governments and health policy makers to do more to fight viral hepatitis. The survey can also be printed and saved, so you can share your responses with your doctors and loved ones, helping them to better understand and support your needs.

Please note, links to the survey must be copied and shared exactly as shown to avoid errors:

Language Link to online version Download printable version
http://bit.ly/Zh1zO9  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1pLMXvf  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1nLHGo2  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1wePUKz  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1CSe69W  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/Zh1Hx3  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1qNrLGc  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1lR8ZSv  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1txgCfv  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1sP0Hst  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1C9V3Yl  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1otgKte  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1rWxekD  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1qitPv4  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1Cu3SfQ  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/WUkpZX  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1wg9MwU  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1qF7eaM  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/WJnb3N  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1qLEBaO  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1uINFhl  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1nLICJ5  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1wfyiRv  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/XXTEEU  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1Az4w8a  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1zPIDRy  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1usHA9O  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1sO2qOE  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1p7BCFR  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1pPAir9  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1ulMlml  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1Az0KLX  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1BsxYyO  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1otfia9  Printable PDF
http://bit.ly/1ulMEh1  Printable PDF


By taking the survey, you can help us build this valuable resource about the true impact of hepatitis C around the world.

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