Executive Board Members



Africa Region

Danjuma Adda

Chagro-Care Trust (Nigeria)



Americas Region

Su Wang (MD MPH)

Saint Barnabas Medical Center (United States)

Eastern Mediterranean Region




Europe Region

George Kalamitsis

Hellenic Liver Patient Association “Prometheus” (Greece)


South East Asia Region

Satyajit Ghosh

Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura (India)




Western Pacific Region

Dee Lee

Inno Community Development Organisation (China)


Roles and Responsibilities of the Executive Board

  • To ensure the Alliance is always a ‘patient organisation’ and is completely committed to the well-being of people living with viral hepatitis and those at risk (this is the most important aspect of the role)
  • To provide governance and strategic direction to the Alliance
  • To represent the patient groups in their region and their interests within the Alliance
  • To help patient groups with national advocacy, where requested
  • To encourage patient groups to work together, both nationally and regionally, to bring together the global community and provide cohesion and strength
  • To encourage patient groups to join the Alliance
  • To encourage participation in World Hepatitis Day

The role of the Regional Board Members is not to dictate what patient groups in their region they should do or how they should operate.

The Regional Board Members serve for a term of two years and may, if re-elected, serve for a maximum of three consecutive terms, a total of six years.