European Call to Action

At a high-level meeting in Athens this month European stakeholders met to discuss the effects of the economic crisis on access to hepatitis B and C services. Building on WHO’s Call to Action launched last month, the European meeting resulted in a European Call to Action which lists the urgent priorities for action in Europe ‘to tackle the public health, economic and social impact of hepatitis B and C’.

The call to action ‘urges EU Member States to address barriers to, and invest in, the sustainable, evidence-based funding of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis B and C through coordinated national action plans as an urgent public health priority, particularly in the face of fiscal constraints and the persisting economic crisis.’ It also goes deeper into the specifics, asking for governments to address barriers to evidence-based knowledge, barriers to access to prevention, diagnosis and treatment services, and barriers related to social stigma and discrimination. You can read the full call to action here on our website (in English).