June 2014

The momentum from last month’s new viral hepatitis resolution at the World Health Assembly has shown no signs of slowing this month. WHO have held the principal development meeting for their first ever WHO Hepatitis B Guidelines, and in Europe, high-level stakeholder meetings and a new Call to Action have marked an important month for the region’s long term viral hepatitis strategy. We’ve welcomed four new organisations to Alliance membership, an encouraging sign of a growing civil society base for global action, which we’ll be calling on during our World Hepatitis Summit in 2015. Finally, with just one month to go until World Hepatitis Day, preparations are well under way to bring international focus to viral hepatitis this 28th July.

European Call To Action

Viral Hepatitis Resolution Published

World Hepatitis Summit, 2-4 September 2015

New Membership

EU Partners Meeting

WHO Hepatitis B guidelines


World Hepatitis Day is only one month away! Click here to visit the official website, download campaign materials and put your event up on the events map.

What do big names such as the WHO, UICC, GAVI Alliance, AASLD and even celebrity Stephen Fry have in common? They’ve all signed up to the official World Hepatitis Day Thunderclap, and you can join them by clicking this link to send out a message from your twitter or facebook account on World Hepatitis Day. Sign up now to be a part of one of the biggest single message send-outs of World Hepatitis Day history.