World Hepatitis Day is powerful. From the smallest information stand in a local clinic to the biggest march down a busy central street, every single event that takes place brings us closer to our goal of eliminating viral hepatitis. In this World Hepatitis Day special issue, we’ll give you some final tips for getting involved, and show you how to register your event or find an event near you. Don’t have much time? Read down to Small Acts of Support for quick and easy ways to help raise awareness. It’s already looking like this World Hepatitis Day will reach more people than ever before. Do you think we’ll never beat viral hepatitis?  This World Hepatitis Day, Think Again.

Think Hepatitis: Events

Take a look at the World Hepatitis Day events map to see what’s going on around the world and find an event near you. If you have got something planned to celebrate the day, there’s still time to join the official events page – click the link to upload details about what you’re doing.


Small Acts of Support

World Hepatitis Day involves millions of people across the world, and even the smallest act of awareness-raising can go a long way. Here are our quick small acts of support that you can do today.

  • Sign up to the Thunderclap: sign up with your facebook or twitter account to help reach over 11 million people with a World Hepatitis Day message on the 28th July
  • Design your own poster online and share with your friends: use our online customisation tool to design your own poster. Add a picture or change the words to create a poster that will resonate with your friends and family. Share via social media or email, and encourage them to make one too.
  • Take a picture of something that has made you Think Again: ever seen a face in a place, or a strange –looking object? Take a picture and upload it to the photo gallery. You can also tweet it to #thinkagain to take part.
  • Take part in our Twitter campaign: we’re turning negativity into positive messages with an interactive tweet-wall, and you can help with one tweet to #thinkhepatitis on the 27th or 28th July. Find out how to break down the wall.
  • Share a facebook post: do you like World Hepatitis Day on facebook? Share a post to raise awareness.


Civil Society Speaks: new report to launch on World Hepatitis Day

In a report that will launch on World Hepatitis Day, over 90 organisations respond to their government’s policies and programmes on viral hepatitis. The report will be availableonline where you will be able to compare civil society responses to government responses.
You will be able to download individual country responses, infographics, regional and global information. There will also be an executive summary booklet which can be used to show the main findings of the report.
Did you respond to the civil society report?Get in touch to find out how you can be part of the media release.


Official WHD video

Here’s what happens if you team America’s loudest lounge singer Richard Cheese with a master of hand puppetry to record a unique World Hepatitis Day message…


WHD at the Commonwealth Games

If you’ll be watching the men’s marathon at the Commonwealth Games, keep an eye out for us in the background as runners circle St Enoch’s Square! We’ll be stationed there on the 27th and 28th July with one of the world’s biggest LED screens to raise awareness about viral hepatitis along with WHO, Hepatitis Scotland, Hepatitis C Trust Scotland, Waverley Care, Haemophilia Scotland, Glasgow city NHS and the Scottish Government. We’re also in mutual support with UNICEF, the official charity of the Games.

The screen will show an interactive ‘tweet wall’ made of bricks showing negative aspects of viral hepatitis that people living with the disease face every day. Every time someone sends a tweet with the campaign hashtag #ThinkHepatitis, a brick will turn around to reveal a positive truth, challenging people’s preconceptions about viral hepatitis. Just one tweet can change a wall of stigma and suffering into messages of strength and hope.

We want anyone, anywhere to be able to get involved, so we’ll be live-streaming the event right here on our website from the 24-29 July. Wherever you are, if you send a tweet to #ThinkHepatitis, your tweet will change a negative brick into a positive message on the tweet wall, and you can follow along online as together we change a negative wall into a positive one.
On Monday 28 July the World Health Organisation will be running a tweet chat using #ThinkHepatitis. Experts from around the globe will be answering your questions on viral hepatitis with the @WHO Twitter account.

Scotland is known for pioneering best practices in hepatitis prevention and care, and this coupled with the influx of thousands of people from around the world for the Games made it an ideal spot to celebrate this year. Even if you can’t make it to Glasgow to be with us, find out how you can be a part of the Commonwealth Games event.