We are now in the process of electing the Alliance's Regional Board Members for the years 2014-2016. All Alliance members (voting and non-voting), associated groups and partners have the right to nominate a board member candidate for their region. Once the nominations are in, these organisations then have the right to vote for their Regional Board Member. Find out below how you can nominate someone to be a Regional Board Member and how to take part in the elections.



Candidates may be nominated for election as Regional Board Members for the Region by voting and non-voting members, associated groups or partners of the Alliance.

To nominate a candidate consider the role description and selection criteria thoroughly. Next, download the nomination & motivation form and follow the instructions it contains carefully or the nomination may not be considered. The completed form should reach us before midnight on 17.10.2014.

The following must be considered when nominating a potential candidate:

  • Candidates must reside in the country in which the nominating organisation is based and be someone who matches the requirements of the role, particularly with regards to chronic hepatitis B or chronic hepatitis C infection status and the level of spoken and written English.
  • Only one candidate will be accepted from a single country. Nominating organisations based in the same country will therefore need to co-operate with each other in the choice of a candidate. If more than one candidate continues to be proposed by the nominating organisations of a single country at the end of the period during which nominations are accepted, Regional Board Members, with the exception of the one representing the region in which the country belongs, will vote. This vote will settle the choice of a candidate for the country.

The final list of nominated candidates including their full applications will be posted on the Alliance website fourteen days prior to the election on 03.11.2014.



The first round of election will take place the week commencing 17.11.2014. You will have until midnight on 21.11.2014 to cast your vote. Two independent scrutineers from Electoral Reform Services will be responsible for counting the votes. Hence, votes should be cast by email to customerservices@electoralreform.co.uk copying membership@worldhepatitisalliance.org in.


The following must be considered before casting your vote:

  • Each Voting Member may only vote for the Regional Board Member for their own region, each Voting Member having one vote. However, in order to prevent any country having undue influence within a region, the votes from the Voting Members within each country will be tallied and a single country vote applied to the candidate receiving most votes.
  • If more than one candidate has the same number of votes from Members within one country, all Members from that country will be asked to revote for one of the candidates with equal votes. If this second round still fails to produce a clear winner of the country’s votes, the outgoing Regional Board Member for that region will have the deciding vote providing that he/she is not a candidate. If he/she is, then the other five Regional Board Members should have the deciding vote. It is important to note that this process will be made much simpler if members within each country agree to cast their votes for the same candidate.
  • Once the votes from each country have been decided, the Regional Board Members will be decided by simple majority of votes cast.
  • If no candidate receives an absolute majority of more than 50% of the votes cast, there will be a second round of voting between the 2 candidates who received the most votes, again with only one vote per country as outlined above. If necessary, this will take place the week commencing 24.11.2014.
  • In any tied vote the President of the Alliance will have the casting vote.
  • Results will be announced by email and on the Alliance website within a week of closure of elections.

Download the role description and selection criteria

Download the nomination and motivation form