2012 Elections 

The 2012 election for the Regional Board Members of the World Hepatitis Alliance took place in the last quarter of 2012. The newly elected Board has a mandate of 2 years, starting from January 2013 and ending in December 2014. The next election is scheduled for the second half of 2014.

Election of Regional Board Members 2012:

  • Africa - Theobald Owusu-Ansah.
  • Americas - Gerardo de Jesús Villavicencio Obregón.
  • Eastern Mediterranean – Ammal Metwally
  • Europe - Dalibor Ruzic.
  • South East Asia - MD Humayun Kabir
  • Western Pacific - Christopher L. Malco.


For more information on the Board Members click here.


Each Voting Member may nominate one candidate for election as Regional Board Member for the Region. The candidate must be someone who has or has had chronic hepatitis B or chronic hepatitis C and must reside in the country in which the Member is based. Nominations must be made to the Alliance at least thirty-one days prior to the election.

Only one candidate will be accepted from a single country. Voting Members based in the same country will therefore need to co-operate with each other in the choice of a candidate. If more than one candidate continues to be proposed by the Voting Members of a single country at the end of the period during which nominations are accepted, no candidate will be considered nominated from that country.

The final list of nominated candidates will be posted on the Alliance website at least fourteen days prior to the election. 


Each Voting Member may only vote for the Regional Board Member for their own region, each Voting Member having one vote. However, in order to prevent any country having undue influence within a region, the votes from the Voting Members within each country will be tallied and a single country vote applied to the candidate receiving most votes. If more than one candidate has the same number of votes from Members within one country, all Members from that country will be asked to revote for one of the candidates with equal votes. If this second round still fails to produce a clear winner of the country’s votes, the outgoing Regional Board Member for that region will have the deciding vote. This process will be made much simpler if members within each country agree to cast their votes for the same candidate.

Once the votes from each country have been decided, the Regional Board Members will be decided by simple majority of votes cast. If no candidate receives an absolute majority of more than 50% of the votes cast, there will be a second round of voting between only the 2 candidates who received the most votes, again with only one vote per country as outlined above. In any tied vote the President will have the casting vote. Elections will be overseen by independent scrutineers. 

The Board must be able to reflect the views of both hepatitis B and hepatitis C patients. Therefore, the Board must appoint additional Non-Executive Board Members to ensure that at all times the Board contains at least two hepatitis B and two hepatitis C patients. Since governance experience, although desirable, is not required for the role of Regional Board Member (representing the views of patients is more important), the Board may choose to appoint Non-Executive Board Members able to offer advice.

The Regional Board Members serve for a term of two years and may, if re-elected, serve for a maximum of three consecutive terms, a total of six years.