Corporate Sponsorship

How your company can help

By partnering with the World Hepatitis Alliance you will be raising vital funds and awareness for hepatitis prevention and control. In return we can provide practical information and resources to help your staff be healthier and raise awareness about this global killer.

Charity of the year (COTY)

We believe a successful partnership is very much a two-way process, and we can work with you to create a unique partnership to help you meet your CSR aims.

We will create a bespoke calendar of events and fundraising opportunities including team challenges, a great way to engage with staff, strengthen team morale and team building. Promoting your company as supporters of the Alliance is is also a wonderful way to engage with customers.


Sponsoring one of our hepatitis events, research studies or education projects will enable us to fund more hepatitis prevention and control research, reports or education work.

Events include our annual fundraising and awareness campaign (World Hepatitis Day) also offer you the opportunity to reach a wider global audience.

Other opportunities

There are many other opportunities to work in partnership with the World Hepatitis Alliance. These include:

  • Making a company donation
  • Staff fundraising
  • A donation of a gift in kind
  • Payroll giving

Contact us today to find out more about partnership with the World Hepatitis Alliance