Capacity Building

Bringing stakeholders together: We are proud to have an extensive network of doctors, advocates and communities, and part of our work includes bringing people together to promote collaboration. From 2015 we will host a Global Viral Hepatitis Summit that will serve as the premier international forum where lessons learned and best practices are acknowledged and shared, productive dialogue is nurtured, accountability is promoted, and the viral hepatitis community engages collectively in tackling the central challenges before us.

Promoting best practices: We regularly liaise with governments and promote ideas for successful interventions. Having identified a need for a more accessible best practices forum, we are now creating an online blueprint tool, which will allow countries to see examples of best practice to use in building efficient national strategies.

Supporting advocacy: Our members and networks do some excellent advocacy work, and if they need support, we are on hand to help through liaising with governments directly, writing letters, or networking to boost their campaign.

Information and Resources: We provide our members with resources such as toolkits and media packages, and we also facilitate networking between groups to ensure bigger reach and create opportunities for groups to promote their work, for example acquiring free advertising space for our members in Latin America and radio interview opportunities in Africa. We also strive to pass on information about global debates concerning viral hepatitis, current treatment news, and offer opportunities for our members to get involved with global campaigns.

Secondment to the WHO: The Alliance seconds a member of staff to the World Health Organization to assist with running their Global Hepatitis Network. We also work closely with WHO regional offices and hope to ensure negotiate regional strategies in each region in the coming years, through advocacy work with countries and influence at Regional Committee meetings. 

Creating patient groups: We have already helped create patient groups in many countries and are committed to continuing until we have groups in all countries. 

Workshops: We are currently planning our first workshops for members and stakeholders, in order to bring together experts to talk about the issues we face in eradicating viral hepatitis. Our first workshop will be held in Africa in 2014.