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Creating awareness World Hepatitis Day

The biggest day in our awareness raising calendar is World Hepatitis Day on the 28th July. Co-ordinated by the Alliance in collaboration with the World Health Organization, it is our best opportunity to get the word out about viral hepatitis to people across the world.

To make sure as many people as possible are reached on World Hepatitis Day, we set a global theme each year and create toolkits, posters, web banners and other campaign materials, all free to download from our website. We liaise with all WHO Member States, as well as advocates, doctors and communities to ensure there are activities happening around the world. We also have an extensive network of members, partners and sponsors who work tirelessly with us to ensure the general public are made aware of World Hepatitis Day in every country.

In the months following World Hepatitis Day each year we write a Wrap-Up Report, which details all the events that go on in every country. Through this report we are able to monitor the effects of World Hepatitis Day, and ensure we increase our impact year on year.

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Download the wrap-up report:

Wrap-up report 2014

Wrap-up report 2013

Wrap-up report 2012

Wrap-up report 2011

Wrap-up report 2010