Access to Treatment

High treatment prices and long delays to registration in many countries are a significant issue for patients across the world. We believe that we are in a new era of ‘global health’, which means that all those who need them should have access to the best available drugs within a reasonable timeframe, no matter where they live, and that it is not acceptable that large parts of the worldwide should have to wait many years to access them or pay clearly unaffordable prices.

Part of our strategic plan is therefore to engage with key actors working in the field of access to treatment in order to advocate for affordable drugs that are rapidly available, while respecting the principle of incentivization of innovation.

Our strategy is to work for long-term change to the current system. To do this, we are currently engaging in talks with pharmaceutical companies, international agencies and governments to scope out challenges and opportunities for change. Through these talks, we hope to build consensus around a new model of drug distribution, ensuring better access and affordability.