With over 250 members in 86 countries, we harness the power of people living with viral hepatitis to achieve its elimination. 

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World Hepatitis Summit

The World Hepatitis Summit is a global biennial event organised by the World Health Organization and the World Hepatitis Alliance to advance the viral hepatitis agenda.


The global movement to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030. Join Us.

World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis Day is celebrated every year on July 28 

Find the missing millions

9 out of 10 people living with viral hepatitis are unaware - Join the quest to find the missing millions

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World Hepatitis Alliance's Global Strategy (2018-2020)

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WHA Board and President-Elect nominations

5 Nov 2018 Chris Wingrove

2019 is an election year for the World Hepatitis Alliance Board. The time has come for members to have a say about who is representing them at both a...

Work for the World Hepatitis Alliance

22 Oct 2018 Chris Wingrove

Viral hepatitis is the seventh leading cause of death globally, accounting for 1.4 million deaths per year – more than HIV/AIDS, or TB, or malaria....


10 Oct 2018 Chris Wingrove

Hepatitis is making the news regularly thanks to the work of WHA members, here are a few highlights . Groundbreaking pledge of United Nations...

BLOG: The role of Civil Society in the development of health technology to eliminate viral hepatitis

28 Sep 2018 Chris Wingrove

Currently, out of 71 million people living with hepatitis C, only 20% know they are ill. That’s 57 million men, women and children at risk of...

WHA President, Michael Ninburg addresses hep-C community summit held before INHSU 2018

19 Sep 2018 Chris Wingrove

“Every country in the world has committed to the elimination of viral hepatitis by 2030. But this is not going to happen without a comprehensive,...

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